Music videos - songs of songwriter Ronnie HarwoodHere you will find a collection of video clips featuring songs written or co-written by Ronnie Harwood.
Ronnie's music has also been used as the backdrop to a number of TV adverts.

Your Memory

Performed by Ronnie Harwood.
Producer: Ronnie Harwood
Composer: Charles Quillen, John Schweers
Lyricist: Charles Quillen, John Schweers
Digital Distribution: Horus Music Ltd
From the EP 'Always in my Heart' on the Georgia Records label

Mediterranean Blue

Written and sung by Ronnie Harwood.
Mixed by Jay Stapley
Producer: Ronnie Harwood
Composer: Ronnie Harwood
Lyricist: Ronnie Harwood
Music Publisher: Campbell Connelly
Digital Distribution: Horus Music Ltd
From the EP Always in my Heart

Always in My Heart

Written and sung by Ronnie Harwood.
Mixed by Matthew Fisher
Producer: Carlo Little/Ronnie Harwood
Composer: Ronnie Harwood
Lyricist: Ronnie Harwood
Music Publisher: Campbell Connelly
Digital Distribution: Horus Music Ltd
From the EP Always in my Heart

Christmas Can't Be Far Away

Sung by Pete Stothard.
Released November 2018 on Georgia Records
Music Publisher: Campbell Connelly
Digital Distribution: Horus Music Ltd

Angels Are Everywhere

Angels Are Everywhere
Published October 2016 by Campbell-Connelly & Co./Copyright Control
Music by Ronnie Harwood
Lyrics by Freddie Horton
Available on iTunes and Amazon Music Downloads.

Recorded at The Greenroom, Devon
Remixed at Greystoke, West London
Released on Georgia Records

Christmas Can't Be Far Away

Published November 2015
Written by Ronnie Harwood
Music Publisher: Campbell Connelly

Soundtrack to TV Advert for Pets at Home

TV ad campaign for Pets at Home in the UK, featuring You Make Me Happy.

Over The Top This Christmas

Published October 2014
Co-written by Ronnie Harwood, Freddie Horton and Allan Turner-Ward
Co-produced by Ronnie Harwood, Ricky-D and Allan Turner-Ward
Remixed by Ricky-D and mastered at The Cavendish Rooms, Bournemouth
First recorded at Stuart Payne's Studios in Norfolk

Britain's Got Talent 2014 semi-finalist, DJ Allan Turner-Ward, teamed up with  Ronnie Harwood and UK Hardcore Rave DJ, Ricky-D.

Peg o' My Heart

Ronnie Harwood and Florida Sun performing Peg o` my heart.
The pictures are of Charmouth in Dorset.

Blue Skies Smiling Down On Me

Published July 2012
Words & music: Ronnie Harwood
Music Publisher: Campbell Connelly.

I got blue skies smiling at me, Blue skies all I need.
I'm lying down on the beech, got the sun in my eyes,
sand at my feet, happy inside, I got blue skies smiling down on me.

I got blue skies all day long, Blue skies from now on,
I got blue skies smiling down on me.

I saved my money for a break in the sun, spent the whole year dreaming the day will come,
I got blue skies smiling down on me.

Ko Ko Yae Yuu Pi (You Drive Me Crazy)

Ronnie's most famous song, 'You Drive Me Crazy', beautifully covered by Htun Eaindra Bo (Tun Eindra Bo), a household name in Myanmar and three-time Myanmar Academy Award-winning actress and singer.

You Drive Me Crazy

This version of Ronnie's iconic 'You Drive Me Crazy' is the one best remembered, made famous and sung by Shakin' Stevens.


Shakin' Stevens' number one hit 'This Ole House' had spent 17 weeks in the UK charts. The follow up, 'You Drive Me Crazy', went straight into the charts, going to number 2 in the UK and becoming Shaky's second Gold single, selling over half a million copies in the UK alone. It spent four weeks at number two in the spring of 1981.

God Bless Rock 'n'Roll

Performed by Bill Haley and His Comets, God Bless Rock 'n' Roll was co-written by Ronnie Harwood and Nigel Jenkins (published by Campbell Connelly & Co. Ltd) and released on Haley's final album "Everyone Can Rock 'n' Roll". This recording is from 1979. The song was released as a single in late 1980 and was to be Haley's last single; he died in 1981.

Lookin' thru' my window, My memory serves me well,
I go back to the places, And all those happy faces, Under your spell.


My Cutie Cutie

Shakin' Stevens and his band performing My Cutie Cutie, another song written by Ronnie Harwood.

I'll Be Home This Christmas

Shakin' Stevens performing I'll Be Home This Christmas (Stevens/Harwood).

Mind The Gap

Published April 2013. Co-written by Freddie Horton and Ronnie Harwood.

Oswald Laurence was the iconic voice of "mind the gap" at London's Embankment tube station. After he died, his widow Margaret visited the station to hear his voice. When London Transport replaced his recording, Margaret wrote asking for it to be reprised and they agreed to bring it back! Performed by Fast Freddie , a copy of the song was sent to Margaret and she loves it.

Holding On

Holding On, a song written by Tony Hiller and Ronnie Harwood, produced by Tony Hiller, and sung here by Ronnie Harwood.


You can find more details on co-writer Tony Hiller at

You Make Me Happy

Though it seems the song is strongly connected with Sophie Madeleine, thanks to her memorable version of it, 'You Make Me Happy' was actually written by Ronnie Harwood. The feel of the song and use of the ukulele provides a sound that lightens the gloomiest mood.

Having tried and so far failed to find an official video of Sophie playing the song, we came across this very charming cover by 'Lolly Sixx' and thought it would be nice to give this young lady a bit of a shout out for her version of 'You Make Me Happy'.


Shake Your Boogie And Roll

Ronnie's 'Shake Your Boogie and Roll' became a popular line dance song thanks to Country & Western singer, Pete Stothard.


Latest music demos - Ronnie Harwood - Ed Songs Studio 

Exclusive previews

Angels Are Everywhere

Ronnie's demo of a song co-written with Freddie Horton, November 2013, and recorded in December at Mark Tucker's studio in Devon: Angels Are Everywhere.


London Zoo

Written by Ronnie, this song is a lovely tribute to a childhood favourite place of his that still is today. As a boy he'd make the roughly 10 mile walk from home to visit London Zoo with his friends. This demo was recorded and engineered by Ed Adamberry at Ed Songs studio in Hendon.


Waltz with the Blues

Co-written by Ronnie and Freddie Horton, with today's dire state of the economy in mind but with an upbeat feel to give us all hope. Lovely use of sax and tuba gives it a distinctive sound and feel. Ronnie is singing the lead. Engineered and mixed by Mark Tucker at his studio in Devon (March 2013).
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