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Ronnie has written and co-written a huge number of songs and continues to write.
Here are just some of his many songs and the artists that have covered them.


You Drive Me Crazy (Harwood)

Shakin' Stevens - James Last - Klaus Wunderlich - Eddie and Lisa - Mini Pops - Johnny Red - and many others

God Bless Rock 'n' Roll (Harwood/Jenkins)

Bill Haley and His Comets - Jerry Williams

My Cutie Cutie (Harwood)

Shakin' Stevens

Dreams (Harwood/Hiller)

Joe Dolan - Pete Stothard - Florida Sun

A Day Gone By (Harwood)

Paul Nicholas (as Paul Dean)

Christmas Can't Be Far Away (Harwood)

Pete Stothard

I'll Be Home This Christmas (Stevens/Harwood)

Shakin' Stevens - Lasse Stefanz

It's Gonna Be A Lonely Christmas (Stevens/Harwood)

Shakin' Stevens

Sure Won't Seem Like Christmas (Stevens/Harwood)

Shakin' Stevens

Calling You (Harwood/Sulsh/Leathwood/Stevens)

Shakin' Stevens

How Could You Be Like That (Stevens/Harwood)

Shakin' Stevens

You Make Me Happy (Harwood)

Sophie Madeleine - The Ukuleles - Pete Stothard

Me And My Dog (Harwood)

Ashleigh Butler (aka Ashleigh & Pudsey)

Senorita (Harwood)

Johnny Red - Pete Stothard

Chevy's Hot Spot (Harwood/Little)

Darrel Higham - Pete Stothard

Taking Good Care (Harwood/Hiller)

Darrel Higham

Showed Up Late (Harwood/Leray)

Pete Stothard

Baby I Love Ya (Harwood)

Ronnie Harwood

Ronnie's original version was released by RCA in 1978.
Ronnie Harwood (vocal), Lou Clark (string arrangement), Peter Van Hook (drums), Nigel Jenkins (lead guitar),
Mo Foster (bass guitar). Produced by Kenny Denton. Co-producer Stuart Taylor.

I Got Love (Harwood)

Johnny And The Jailbirds - Ronnie Angel - Ronnie Harwood Band

Mind The Gap (Harwood/Horton)

Fast Freddie

Waltz With The Blues (Harwood/Horton)

Ronnie Harwood

London Zoo (Harwood)

Ronnie Harwood

I'm Loving It (Harwood)

Lisa Jennings - Pete Stothard

I'll Never Be Lonely (Harwood)

Ann Breen - Jerry Williams - Johnny Red

Cuddle Up (Harwood)

Ronnie Angel

Rock and Rolling Man (Harwood)

Jerry Williams - Ronnie Angel

I'm in Love With an Angel (Harwood)

Jerry Williams - Colin Gold

My Little Heaven (Harwood)

Colin Gold - Florida Sun - Pete Stothard

Always In My Heart (Harwood)

Colin Gold - Florida Sun

I've Got Your Memory (Harwood/Summers)

Colin Gold - Florida Sun

Smart Side Of Town (Harwood/Jenkins)

Jerry Williams

If You Want My Love (Harwood/Parkinson)

Jerry Williams

Music and You (Harwood/Jenkins)

Stephen Lee Garden - Ronnie Harwood

'Music and You' was co-written by Ronnie with Nigel Jenkins. The demo here, sung by Ronnie, was recorded in 1978. The song was written with Barry Manilow in mind. It was covered by Stephen Lee Garden, winner of the ITV show 'New Faces' in 1988, and was included on his album 'Introducing Stephen Lee Garden', released in 1989.

Must Be My Love For You (Harwood/Summers)

Pete Stothard - Florida Sun

Talk To Me (Harwood/Hiller/Stevens)

Johnny Red

Why (Harwood)

Darrel Higham - Ronnie Harwood (on the album Rockin' with Country)

Missing You (Harwood)

Performed by Ronnie Harwood on the album Rockin' with Country

Blue Heart (Harwood/Hiller)

Performed by Ronnie Harwood on the album Rockin' with Country

Latest music demos - Ronnie Harwood - Ed Songs Studio 

Exclusive previews

Angels Are Everywhere

Ronnie's demo of a song co-written with Freddie Horton, November 2013, and recorded in December at Mark Tucker's studio in Devon: Angels Are Everywhere.


London Zoo

Written by Ronnie, this song is a lovely tribute to a childhood favourite place of his that still is today. As a boy he'd make the roughly 10 mile walk from home to visit London Zoo with his friends. This demo was recorded and engineered by Ed Adamberry at Ed Songs studio in Hendon.


Waltz with the Blues

Co-written by Ronnie and Freddie Horton, with today's dire state of the economy in mind but with an upbeat feel to give us all hope. Lovely use of sax and tuba gives it a distinctive sound and feel. Ronnie is singing the lead. Engineered and mixed by Mark Tucker at his studio in Devon (March 2013).
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