Santa really is on his way!

Christmas-cant-be-far-awayWellingborough, UK - 20th October 2015

Ah yes, Christmas can't be far away now

Ronnie Harwood is releasing two 'new' Christmas singles, one recently written and one written at the height of his and Shakin' Stevens' popularity, in 1981, but never officially released until now.

Ronnie told us, "I wanted to release a Christmas song that I wrote and recorded back in 1981. It was intended for Shaky at the time. Having just written 'Christmas Can't Be Far Away' for a possible TV sync this year, I thought why not release the track 'Santa's On His Way' now as well.

"We had so much fun recording it. Billy Bremner plays guitar on the track. We recorded it in December 1981, so we were actually feeling Christmassy when we did it," Ronnie remembers with a smile. "It was done at Fast Buck Studios in West London. Ed Hamilton was our sound engineer."

Released on Ronnie's Georgia Records label, with digital distribution handled by Horus Music, the tracks will be available very soon for download from iTunes, Amazon and other popular music download sites.

"May I take a moment and wish you all a great 2016," Ronnie added. "Merry Christmas everyone."

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