The Ron Harwood Band, 1982The biography of musician, singer, songwriter Ronnie HarwoodAs a guitarist, singer and songwriter, Ronnie Harwood has played a significant part in the history of British Pop and, now into his sixties, continues to perform with a singing voice that is distinctive and still much admired. When Ronnie turned his talents to songwriting it led him to an Ivor Novello award for 'You Drive Me Crazy', a huge hit for Shakin' Stevens, and to the writing of Bill Haley's last recorded single, 'God Bless Rock and Roll'.

Ronnie Harwood biography - chapter oneFrom Ronnie's early upbringing and introduction to music, the influence of Lonnie Donnegan and 'Rock Around the Clock', to the formation of his first bands including 'The White Diamonds', 'Jess Hunter and the Avalons' and 'The New Premiers'.

Ronnie Harwood biography - chapter twoThe local group scene in 1963 led Ronnie to join Johnny Apollo as the bass guitar player with 'Winston G and the Wicked', but he was then asked to join 'The Ravin' Savages', backing band to Screaming Lord Sutch.

Ronnie Harwood biography - chapter threeFollow Ronnie's life through the mid to late 60's and into the 70's. He began songwriting, with his first song, 'A Day Gone By', recorded by Paul Nicholas. The decade of the 70's ended with his song written especially for Bill Haley, 'God Bless Rock 'n' Roll'.

Ronnie Harwood biography - chapter fourEvents lead to Ronnie's 'You Drive Me Crazy' being considered as the possible follow-up to Shakin' Stevens' number one hit, 'This Old House'. It subsequently spent 4 weeks at number 2 in the UK, gave Shaky his second Gold Disc and won Ronnie an Ivor Novello award.

Ronnie Harwood biography - chapter fiveNow well into the 1980's, Ronnie is invited to spend time in Nashville on the back of the success of 'You Drive Me Crazy'. Here he meets several of music's greats including Carl Perkins, Sam Phillips and legendary songwriter Boudleaux Bryant.

Ronnie Harwood biography - chapter 6Ronnie recalls his first real meeting with Shakin' Stevens, how they became friends and worked as co-writers on Shaky's first Christmas album. Ronnie also began co-writing with Tony Hiller and Ian Summers. The album 'Always In My Heart' was recorded.

Ronnie Harwood biography - chapter sevenRonnie formed Georgia Records in 2007 to promote a variety of performers, and albums by Florida Sun, Johnny Rey and Pete Stothard were produced, along with many demo tracks, some taken up for use in TV ads, including 'You Make Me Happy'.

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