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Angels Are Everywhere

Ronnie's demo of a song co-written with Freddie Horton, November 2013, and recorded in December at Mark Tucker's studio in Devon: Angels Are Everywhere.


London Zoo

Written by Ronnie, this song is a lovely tribute to a childhood favourite place of his that still is today. As a boy he'd make the roughly 10 mile walk from home to visit London Zoo with his friends. This demo was recorded and engineered by Ed Adamberry at Ed Songs studio in Hendon.


Waltz with the Blues

Co-written by Ronnie and Freddie Horton, with today's dire state of the economy in mind but with an upbeat feel to give us all hope. Lovely use of sax and tuba gives it a distinctive sound and feel. Ronnie is singing the lead. Engineered and mixed by Mark Tucker at his studio in Devon (March 2013).
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